Brow Lamination: What’s the hype?

What is Brow Lamination?

The best part about the beauty industry is that names are pretty straight forward. Lamination no longer means the shiny plastic film your teachers brought out in school. Brow lamination is a technique that originated in Russia and it essentially is a lash lift but for your brows! Gone are the thin brow trends of the 90's and 00's as are the sculpted brows of the 2010's. It’s all about the full slicked up and glossy brows! 

Why is a Brow Lamination sought after?

Brow lamination is an amazing alternative to microblading! At a more wallet friendly price point, brow lamination can drastically change the look of your brows. Whether you’ve over plucked your brows before or have any gaps or thinning, a brow lamination can help close those gaps so to speak. By lifting up the brow hairs you already have, you can create the illusion of a fuller brow without going under the microblade in just 60 minutes. So if needles aren’t your thing, we’re happy to inform you, your brow goals are as attainable as ever!

Think Cara Delevigne or Emilia Clarke brows in just an hour! As brow enthusiasts, we know that brows can really transform a face, so if full brows that are entirely your own sounds like your thing, keep on reading!

The Brow Lamination Process

As we mentioned before, brow lamination is essentially a lash lift but for your brows. Rather than curling them - curly brow hairs are not quite in style (yet?) - the solution is painted onto your natural brow hairs. The lifting solution creates a chemical reaction to soften the bonds of your natural hair, making them easier to manipulate into the desired shape.

Once your brows are thoroughly coated, your artist sets with them a chemical solution and will drag your brow hairs up to set them in place while the solution goes to work. 

After that, a nourishing oil is applied to restore some of the bonds that were stripped from the first step, leaving you with healthy laminated brows! The goal is to come out with a fuller looking brow that will last up to 6 weeks to even 2 months before you’ll need to book another appointment! This is simply because, like lashes, our brow hairs grow and fall out naturally over a 2 month period depending on your unique growth cycle.

That’s not All

Once your brows have been laminated and nourished, depending on the brows you came in with, additional tweezing will be done to ensure your brows look clean and if your natural brow hairs are naturally lighter, you also have the option to request a glaze to darken them up - making your daily brow routine pretty much nonexistent for almost 2 months!

The Nitty Gritty

So obviously we love brow lamination, but we understand there may still be some reservation if you’ve never had them done before! For our first time Brow Lam Babes, we are here to put all your fears aside. 

Any procedure involving the delicate skin near your eyes should absolutely be done by a certified professional. At Ink & Arch we offer a full Brow Lamination Kit & Course which will provide you with all the necessary tools to perform the perfect Brow Lamination.

Your Brow Lamination Kit will include the following:

  • 10 mL Brow Barrier Cream
  • 10 mL Lift Solution
  • 10 mL Lamination Cream
  • 10 mL Keratin Nourishing Oil
  • Brow Wrap

When paired with the Masterclass, you will also have access to: 

  • Lamination Client Forms
  • Brow Lamination Manual
  • Brow Lamination Tutorial
  • Goal Digger Planner
  • Brow Drawing Practice Sheets

Our Ink & Arch Brow Lamination Kit rises above the rest for several reasons! We provide full size products with our kit (AKA more brow for your buck!) and we offer industry leading education and support to our clients! Our carefully designed formulas guarantee beautiful brow results that will leave your clients wondering why they never thought of it sooner!

Also, like any treatment done to your natural hair, there is always a potential risk of damaging your precious brow hairs - this is why a nourishing treatment should be applied after the treatment! The oil is made to restore your keratin bonds - similar to how if you bleached your hair, you’d likely follow it up with an intense hair mask. If your brow artist doesn’t apply anything after the setting solution, RUN don’t walk!

Ready to be a Brow Babe?

What do you think? Are you ready to have smooth lifted Instagram-worthy brows? It’s painless, non invasive, and comparatively cheaper than microblading with long lasting results that will take your natural brows from a 7 to a 10 in just an hour! Brow lamination is also a good idea if you’re toying with the idea of microblading but don’t want the commitment - we get it, commitment can be scary. Brow lamination is a great way to get a “preview” of your brow potential!

Brow Lamination Kit