Let’s Talk Microblading Tools

The Machine

Let’s talk about the actual machine, after all it is your most important tool! It’s vital to understand the mechanics in order to achieve the best brows every time!

The machine you’ll be using is a semi-permanent tattoo machine which can have over 7 needles, or single microneedles, used to deposit the semi-permanent pigment into the skin. The type of needles you use will reflect the style of brow you’ll produce. It’s also important to note not every needle variation is suitable for all skin/age groups. 

microblading machine

Let’s start with the basics: the microblades, or needles!

There’s two types of needles that artists use: a flexiblade, and a hard blade.

A flexiblade will most often be used by beginner artists. They are wrapped in a plastic base with 7-21 needles. Additionally, they are usually differentiated as follows: White base mean a regular blade while black/blue bases indicate a nano blade (more on that later). Even though flexiblades are commonly used by beginner artists, many advanced artists also prefer to use flexiblades on more mature clients or for clients who have thinner skin. This is because the nature of the flexiblades means the needles do not penetrate as deeply into the skin. It provides a safety net for beginner microblade artists, but also can be unsteady.

Hardblades have an aluminum base which makes the blade less forgiving than a flexiblade. Hardblades are stable, but have no give. This is why flexiblades are recommended for beginners! Hardblades are perfect for regular skin and can result in beautiful brows, but they are not suited for mature skin or thin/sensitive skin! Similar to flexiblades, hardblades have 7-21 needles.

microblading blades

The Blade Diameters

Microblades come in a variety of diameters and thickness and we are here to break them down.

  1. .35mm this is the thickest blade; artists rarely use this one anymore as it creates an unrealistic look.
  2. .25mm best for thick skin and creating thicker hair strokes.
  3. .22mm perfect for your average client and can create a wide variety of brow looks.
  4. .20mm similar to the .22mm this blade is perfect for your average client and is able to create a variety of brow looks.
  5. .18mm (nano) this is perfect for thin skin and creating those perfect in-between brow strokes.
  6. .15mm (nano) this one is not recommended by most artists due it is being too thin.

The diameter will affect the thickness of your brow strokes and the overall realistic look of your brow set. A more dimensional brow will look much better than a flat one dimensional brow.  

The Blade Angles

Similar to diameters, the angle of your blade will affect the look and texture of your work. Blades will come in one of 8 shapes:

  1. S = Slant/angled perfect for hair stroke brows
  2. U = U-shaped blades for creating curved strokes.
  3. C = Curved blades are perfect for creating curved strokes but can cause trauma to the skin if used by an inexperienced artist. 
  4. F = Flat shader needles are good for covering large areas quickly and for creating ombre brows.
  5. R = Round needles are good for creating a powdered look.
  6. RLS = Round liner shader
  7. DLF = Double row flat

Microblading Pigments

Let’s discuss microblading pigments. There are so many unique skin tones, undertones, and hair colours that you’d need thousands of bottles of colour to satisfy them all! Ink & Arch has instead made this choice incredibly simply by providing an 8 pigment set that contains all the colours you need to either use as is, or customize your own colours for your uniquely beautiful clients. Our Thick & Creamy Pigment Set also guarantees beautiful retention during the healing process, leaving you with not only happy clients, but clients who will no doubt return and tell their friends! They have been carefully formulated and designed with the highest commitment to quality and integrity - something we hope you’ll be able to see once you’ve put them to work!

Besides the actual products, what does it take to be an industry leading, sought after PMU?

It’s all about quality of product and technique!

Your Success is Our Success


Choosing the right products to use is almost as important as obtaining your certification. The wrong product will do more harm even if you’re the best in the business!

What defines a successful artist is really a combination of both natural and learned skill. You need to have an artistic eye to envision the perfect brows for any face. A steady hand to create flawless strokes. Impeccable vision is a bonus since there is a lot of small details that require an intense attention to detail! We provide quality education unlike any other in the industry, so between what you bring to the table and what we can put on the table, you're guaranteed to have a successful career in the brow world!

Ink & Arch Pro provides our clients with nothing but the best, so you never have to worry about your tools underperforming! An artist knows it’s not just skill in the world of permanent cosmetics, but also the quality of tools!