Pigments 101: Microblading Brow Pigments

Our Hybrid Thick & Creamy Microblading Brow Pigments are premium quality that are made to perform as cosmetic tattoo inks for flawless permanent makeup that will not disappoint. Ink & Arch Pro is an Internationally recognized brand that is easy to use and gives fantastic results for the best-looking brows. Our products are designed by a Brow Artist who knows what it takes to get the best-looking brows.

Quality Microblading Brow Pigments

Our Brow Pigments are made of the best and highest quality cosmetic tattoo pigments that will last a long time, with no fading or color change. Because they are a hybrid ink with a mixture of both inorganic and organic material the colors will stay bright and will last in the skin for a long time. These pigments are thick and creamy which makes them easier to apply and imparts dense colour. They work great with machines or with manual microblading and are trusted by professional brow artists all over the world.

Safe Microblading Pigments

Our pigments are produced to the industry’s highest health standards. In fact, we are the only cosmetic tattoo pigment in Canada with a CIN (Canadian Identification number) meaning they are safe to use, ensure quality and safety, and meet global health standards with both FDS and CE certificates.

How Many Colours Do I Need?

Ideally, you’d always have a wide variety of pigments handy! Because hair colour and skin tones are so unique from one client to another. With our beautiful range of brow pigments, there’s a shade for everyone. The ink will ensure expert results without color change. Our complete set of Thick & Creamy Pigments comes with 8 colours from warm honey yellow (Tawny) to a deep rich black (Noir). As a brow artist, it is important to mix and match colours according to your client’s unique features. These microblading pigments are a best seller due to their rich colours and silky-smooth texture which means a higher level or retention and a more natural looking brow! 

How do I choose the Right Microblading Pigment for my Client?

When you are microblading a client, the pigments you select will define the look of the brows. Selecting a high-quality pigment with excellent colour matching capabilities can ensure a satisfied customer. Ink & Arch Pro’s Meet Your Match Brow Pencil was specifically designed to match our Thick & Creamy Pigments so your consultations will not only go smoothly, but also efficiently. You can mix these ready to use pigments together to ensure that perfect natural brow colour! After all, you are the artist!


Tips and Tricks: Mixing Microblading Pigments

If you’re nervous about mixing pigments, we highly recommend practicing on synthetic skin first! Mixing certain colours can result in a washed out or muddy appearance, so it’s important to study colour theory before you begin mixing! Remember to always add dark colours to light colours in small amounts; NEVER add light to dark as it will take more light to brighten a dark colour which means more pigment will be needed.

Time to Practice!

Practice as much as you can with matching pigments to skin and hair colour as well as mixing your pigments to achieve the best results that will have your clients bragging about their brows to all their friends! Ink & Arch Pro’s Meet your Match Brow Pencil Set and Thick & Creamy Microblading Pigment Set  are the perfect combination to have in your brow arsenal, so don’t forget to stock up and pick up some Practice Skins to use as well! Good luck, brow babes!